Jun. 20th, 2009

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I should probably use this journal more, except it won't happen too often, since LJ is still my primary blog. I was looking through my old emails and realised I have an account at Scribbld (another LJ clone) which I had totally forgotten about. Unsurprisingly, I never use the account at all. Not sure why I created it; perhaps I just wanted to be named an 'Early user'? This in turn made me recall the Deadjournal account that I had set up before I have LJ. Unfortunately, I couldn't even remember the user name for DJ, and I had to try several email addresses before I got the correct one. If I didn't do that, I won't be able to get the user name and then I can't reset my password. It does sounds a bit troublesome, huh? I was lucky enough to re-activate the email address (its existence I only remember once in a blue moon) for DJ before it got purged, otherwise... O_O;;

Ok, I just managed to log in to DJ, and surprise! I had already deleted my account. ^.^;;; I clicked my profile link, and this is the message I get:

This journal has been deleted. If you are [my DJ user name], you have a period of 30 days from the deletion time to undelete the journal. After 30 days we will delete all content permanently from our servers. We actually do delete journals now, so only set your journal to deleted if you really really intend on having it deleted.

Huh. So it only deletes all my content, but not the actual account itself? Hmm... I never really knew it works this way. Still, it would have been better if I could completely wipe out its existence. Have to do a clean job of it, leave no trails behind. ^o^


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